Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dress sense compared

After er... observing Sydney gals for quite a while, I can't help but notice some common characteristics in their dress sense. And it also brought the dress sense of their Singaporean counterparts to the surface of my subconscious. Now, I don't normally notice these things (read I not ham sep! Well... maybe just a little :P) but these characteristics are so common place here and such a contrast to what I've seen in Singapore, I'd be blind not to notice.

Characteristics peculiar to Sydney gals:

i) The gothic look seems popular. Especially the thick eye-liner thing. And given that they are fairer here, so the contrast effect is er... quite extreme.

ii) Actually, the gals here seem to put on thicker make-up in general. The older they get, the thicker the make-up. Both these observations are opposite of what I see in Singapore. My hypothesis to this phenomena is the Singaporean weather. Singapore gals will just have their make-up melt on them if they lay it on too thick. And I suppose the warm weather will make it uncomfortable for them. I suppose Sydney gals have the luxury of "make-up friendly" weather.

iii) Rectangular-shaped glasses are pretty popular here. And I must say they are very suitable for the women here. It just doesn't look quite as charming on the few Singaporean, no I mean, Asian women I've seen wearing them. I suppose it is due to the difference in body shapes.

iv) Which brings me to this point. Sydney ladies like really low-cut, cleavage showing tops. Even in the depths of winter. The ladies here certainly know what their er... assets (pun unintended) are, and dress to show off their best parts. In contrast, Singaporean women are svelte and choose to wear more body hugging clothes to show off their 曲綫美. Women are very sly, I say.

v) I'm not sure how to describe this, but those type of "oversized-with-eyes-still-visible-silver-frame-light-brown-fading-to-transparent-lens" sunglasses are quite popular here. Silly me. A picture paints a thousand words, so here's a pic to illustrate:

153 days to go.


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