Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Melbourne Cup

Today is the day where the whole of Australia stops for 30 minutes at 3p.m. (12p.m. Singapore time). That's what Aussies tell me anyway.

Yes, it's Melbourne Cup day. Takes place on the first Tuesday of every November. And oh yes, it's big. So big, an estimated AU$120 million worth of bets are placed on this single horse race. So big, it has its own official website. So big, it even has its own official blog. So big, you can stop working in the afternoon and your bosses will not mind, because they have stopped working too.

But not me. I will be working. So don't ask me who is the winner (the horses always have funny names anyway). And most of all, don't ask me if I have placed my bet.

150 days to go.

P.S. A happy Deepavali to all, especially my Indian friends in Singapore.


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