Monday, November 07, 2005

Things I want to do after completing my actuarial exams

In roughly descending order of importance,

i) Subscribe to
SCV, the World Movies channel

ii) and the Football channel

iii) Get myself an Xbox (or even the next generation console, Xbox 360)

iv) Shoot more pool, and get myself a proper cue (actually I've never owned one, even though I've been pooling for like 6-7 years now)

v) Learn how to converse in Japanese

vi) Learn how to draw, the comics type (not manga)

vii) Learn social dancing (if I can find a gal to go learn it with)

viii) Visit Malta (I dislike travelling, but this is one of the few places I want to go; More info on Malta available here)

ix) and Santa Rosa, California, to attend a Beaglefest (this, because of

x) Learn from mum how to make soup (Edit: added on 22nd February 2006)

Akan Datang: Another of my 極端 hobbies, reading WWII aviation memoirs

144 days to go.


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