Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Top 10 things I say/ask when calling home

(pic from March 2004, when 慧 was around one and a half and my mum was STILL in charge of 慧's haircuts)

x) 現在在做甚麽?(have to make sure mum is not busy before starting the conversation)

ix) Upgrading 完了沒有?(my neighbourhood has been under a perpetual state of upgrading since a few months after I've left for Sydney; my mum complains a lot about the noise/dust/inconvenience)

viii) To my niece: 慧慧有沒有壞壞?She always answers 有, so I follow it up with...

vii) 。。。要不要打屁股?And of course, she always answers 不要. But I ask them anyway.

vi) 慧慧跟 gu gu 說 bye bye, gu gu 就放電話。(慧 gets a little impatient if I talk with my mum for too long) And I'll get a hasty "Gu gu bye bye!" "Pan kiss?" *Sound of big wet kiss* (She used to do the "Mmmm...Ma!" sound, now it is the sound of a real kiss *Big Grin*)

v) 最近夠不夠睡? (because it depends a lot on how well my niece sleeps)

iv) 老爸有沒有聽話? (we're always reminding him to watch his diet)

iii) 有沒有慧慧的 story 聼?The answer is almost certainly yes.

ii) Mother, 你的股票彙報。。。 今天股市長紅/lao sai (pardon the phrase, but I am staying true to what I really say to her)

and the number one question I always ask when I call home...

i) 慧慧有沒有 ngg nggg (大便)?

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149 days to go.


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