Thursday, December 01, 2005

18 year-old

Two nights ago, I morphed into an 18 year-old. Albeit briefly.

Another friend of Stef and Dan's was leaving for home (Shanghai too) for the summer break. In case you're wondering, there's some exchange program between Stef's former university in Shanghai and the one we're working in now, resulting in a regular stream of Shanghainese students coming over here. They're quite a close-knit lot, with everyone seemingly knowing everyone else. I feel privileged in a way to be invited to some of their activities.

Anyway, I was invited to join them for her farewell dinner. I won't attempt to describe her but suffice it to say she was a stunner. I somehow managed to keep my jaw intact when first introduced to her.


... suddenly, I found myself feeling very conscious about my words and actions and ended up a little tongue-tied. Suddenly, I had that heady, 小鹿亂撞 feeling. Suddenly, I felt like an 18 year-old again (not in "that" sense, ok!). But all too soon, the evening was over.

Knowing nothing will come out of this didn't hold back the glee I felt. Gosh, it was fabulous to be able to feel like an 18 year-old again. Even if just briefly.

Still 120 days to go.


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