Saturday, December 10, 2005

Australia's World Cup group

If you're a real avid football fan, you would know by now about this. Just took place this morning (3:30a.m. Singapore time).

And so, Australia has been drawn together with Brazil, Croatia and Japan in Group F. Let's look at the good news first.

They've managed to avoid Czech Republic, Netherlands and Portugal from Pool 3. Croatia is certainly a better proposition than these three powerhouses. Nonetheless, Croatia is still a rather dangerous opposition. Recall that they've finished in the top 4 just a few World Cup editions back.

The Aussies have also managed to avoid the improving USA from Pool 4. Unfortunately, they did draw Japan. If anything, I feel USA, Japan and Korea are the countries to avoid from Pool 4.

Looking at the group on the whole, we can safely write off their chances in the match against Brazil. So to qualify for the 2nd round, they will probably need to beat Croatia and Japan. A look at the
fixtures, we find that Australia plays Japan first, followed by Brazil, then Croatia.

It does look like Australia's first match would be of utmost importance. If that doesn't go their way, then mien kua liao (translation: no need to watch liao).

111 days to go.


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