Saturday, December 03, 2005

Amazing memory

慧's memory is really quite amazing.

A recent call home found her in good spirits and she started talking to me at length. After some idle chat, she suddenly asked me this:

“Gu gu,慧慧要看shape shape。要看red colour的"I"。” (some background info is in order here: i) shape shape = Tetris in 慧's talk, ii) the straight piece (there is a much ruder name to it which I shall refrain from using) in my version of Tetris is red and iii) anything that is straight is usually referred to as "I-shaped" by her)

Now that took me by surprise, for it has been 4-5 months since she last saw the game. I didn't expect her to still remember it, much less its details like colours of the pieces. Intrigued, I continued by asking her the colours of the other shapes, all of which she had given names before, e.g. T, L, square...

“Square shape甚麽colour?”

"Light blue!"

“"T" shape甚麽colour?”


... and so on.

She remembered them all. Correctly too. Wow.

No wonder we've always read/heard that children are the most "adsorbent" when they are very little.

And of course, I had to explain to her "看shape shape" is only possible after I go back home.

118 days to go.


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