Thursday, December 08, 2005

An observant waiter

A new waiter, I observed as I sat down. It's the uni's summer break, so I guessed the previous waiters/waitresses (almost certainly students) have gone home (wherever that may be).

I made my order quickly to the nearest waitress, then pulled out some scribblings I've brought along. I've so gotta crack this programming problem soon. Time is tight. Looked at what I've got so far and added some more. Let's just put down whatever ideas you can think of and try them later...

"Excuse me."

Ah, my order's here already. The new waiter waited for me to clear my papers before putting down my food.

"Sorry, but are you Singaporean?"

"In fact, yes."

"Me too," a big grin breaks across his face,"I noticed your accent just now."

My mind raced backwards in time to about 15 minutes ago. I cannot remember myself saying anything except for making my order to the other waitress earlier. Wow, either I have a super-duper thick Singaporean accent or he is very observant.

We chatted for a while, such as which uni he is at and whether he is going back for the summer. He is. *Sob* Everybody, and I mean everybody, is going home for summer, except me.

I believe this is the first time in my almost three years here that a fellow Singaporean has correctly identified me as one and introduced himself/herself to me

I suppose there are still some things over here that can coax a spontaneous smile out of me.

113 days to go.


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