Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another important day

Two weeks ago, it was so for . Tomorrow (specifically, tomorrow morning 6a.m. Singapore time or in GMT, 2200 later today), it will my turn. Funnily, I have not been giving it much thought, especially the last week or so. Normally I would.

Too much have been happening recently, each grappling for my attention in its own way and threatening to overwhelm this even before it takes place. So what are these "other events", you ask? After some thought, I've decided to just touch on the most important of them here. Important from a purely personal perspective.

The wait (my own this time) is over. I had applied to extend my stay here (no, I am not crazy, read on first). The approval had just came through in the late afternoon. After my little nudge of an e-mail in the morning.

You see, the previous official end of my stay was 31st December (yes, I know I wrote 31st March way back in my
first post, but read on first lah). All along, I knew that would not be sufficient time to complete my work here. So I had enquired about the possibility of an extension. I was informed that application for an extension to the end of March will be relatively straightforward but anything beyond that would be much trickier.

In other words, at the point of penning
my first post, I already knew I would be applying and getting the approval for an extension till the end of March. At least.

When the time came to send in the application, my boss suggested applying for the end of May. "Since you're applying for an extension anyway", he said matter-a-factly. So I did (yes yes, I know I STILL wrote 31st March. The plot thickens, so read on patiently).

Was told by the authorities to sit tight and wait for a maximum of three weeks for them to process the application. So I did.

Actually, I did more than that. I thought I should give them more time and waited till December, i.e. today, before bothering them. Not sure if the approval just happened to arrive on the same day as
my nudge or it had been lying underneath a stack of papers all along until I enquired. What matters is the approval till the end of May has came through (ok ok, I am really coming to the 31st March part now).

Both my boss and I have always felt the 31st March deadline is very make-able. 31st May is just going to be my safety net. Strange things can and do happen in my current (keyword) line of work, so a safety net is always welcome. Thus, 31st March is the date I am aiming for and that's why it has been declared as such in
my first post.

Nonetheless, the extension has really taken off much pressure from my shoulders. It means I will not be going home empty-handed workwise. Of course, from other points of view, I certainly am not going home empty-handed, whatever may happen between now and 31st March. But that's besides the point.

In any case, I must 飲水思源 and say my heartfelt thanks to the relevant authorities for approving my application.

As for the "other events" I've mentioned above, they are all in the news and/or on other blogs. I shall refrain from commenting about them here, as I've always done, in accordance with an unwritten rule I've laid down since the beginning. It isn't that I don't care about them. I just feel I won't be adding anything by putting down my thoughts on them here. Some things are better left unsaid.

As for tomorrow, I suppose it's another case of “謀事在人,成事在天”. It has been my 14th sitting overall (not the same paper of course), so I can truthfully say I'm a veteran at it now.

I'll sleep well tonight.

Slightly over 120 days to go.


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