Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shopping list

Much has been written, by yours truly of course, about 慧's antics. But this most recent one really takes the cake.

My mum has this habit of jotting down things to buy on Post-It-Pads. She'll then either bring it along when out shopping or pass it to my dad if time pressures make themselves felt. Apparently, my little niece has caught on to what has been happening.

The other night, my mum noticed 慧 had been very quiet at her desk, scribbling or doodling something. Closer inspection revealed that she was drawing some pictures on a Post-It-Pad. A bird-like creature and eggs. When she was done, she tore off that top piece and ran to the master bedroom. My dad was in it with the door closed, watching TV. She turned around and informed my mum,

“叫gong gong買egg egg,買bah bah。。。” (translation: bah bah = meat meat)

Then she slipped the note under the door.

That coaxed a chuckle out of my normally reticent dad when he eventually saw the little note.

108 days to go.


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