Saturday, December 10, 2005


Just this morning, I was informed by my boss that our joint work from last year is going to be published. Finally. He himself had just received the confirmation e-mail from the journal's editor. This will be my first ever published piece of work. *Ahem*

I said "finally" because that piece of work was a culmination of our efforts from around January to September last year. We had submitted it to this journal last December and waited until last month before a reply came. This kind of a wait is normal, my boss told me. He should know, for he has been doing research for a long time now. We made the changes as suggested in the reply and sent it back. I had thought maybe we'll have to wait another year for the next reply. No, this time it'll be quick, so said my boss. He was right again. They got back to us within a week.

If you ask my boss, he would tell you this is a "top-top journal". Understandably, he is overjoyed and it clearly showed in his e-mail to me. Heh, he even suggested that I take a day or two off.

I have had a morning to let the news sink in and to observe my own reactions.

Firstly, I didn't feel anything special. Two possible reasons. One, it isn't really that important to me. Completing my current work, getting home and passing my actuarial exams enjoy much higher priorities than this. Two, there isn't anyone over here I can really share this piece of news with right now. I would really like to share this with Dan and Stef but he is probably at the airport at this present moment picking her up.
She is flying back from Perth today. And I shouldn't play 電燈泡 to them for the rest of this particular weekend. I would like to share this with my landlord too, but I try not to disturb him too much, especially on weekends. He is a very busy man. I will just wait for the next time he pops by the apartment.

Then I got this other feeling. Whilst grocery shopping earlier, this thought descended on me.

"Gee... I would gladly trade in this publication and the
approval to my extension application for that elusive pass in my recent exam results..."

Now I am not being an ingrate here. It's just that my current priorities are that clear-cut to me right now. Sure, I am genuinely thankful to the authorities that may be for
approving my application to extend my stay here. And yes, I am glad that the journal gods have deemed our work is of quality enough to own a little corner in their esteemed journal. But I am not exactly jumping up and down over these pieces of news.

I would be if you are telling me they had made a mistake and that
I had indeed passed. Or if it is April 2006 now.

Still 111 days to go.


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