Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today is the first day of school for my niece. OK, so the official term to use is nursery, but we use "school" when conversing with her, so "school" it is. And with today, she embarks upon 15 years of schooling (considering up to "A" levels, 18 if she wants to enter a uni).

This is our second try at this. The first was in early 2005 when we tried a playgroup on her. The primary aim then (and now too) was for her to mix with other little children, not to hothouse her.

Unfortunately it did not work out. Perhaps she was still too small (two and a half) then. Perhaps the teachers there were a tad too demanding (e.g. insisting on her putting on her own shoes, something she only learnt to do half a year later). Perhaps the class size was just too small (she was alone for about an hour with the teacher before being joined by other children in the other). We pulled her out of that program after only a month.

For a couple of months after that, she dreaded the mention of the word "school". When we brought her out of the house and walked even a little in the school's direction, she would declare she doesn't want to go to school and we had to provide assurance we were bringing her somewhere else. So in the last few months, we've been doing A LOT OF preemptory spadework in convincing her school is a fun thing. I myself have been frequently mentioned as a er... fine example by my family to her because I am also er... "schooling" over here.

Indications are that she is becoming much more receptive towards the idea. She has been saying "yes" when asked if she wanted to go to school. Her parents have even brought her to the nursery to take a look, upon invitation by the teacher there, and all three of them were happy with what they've seen. I think 慧's eyes glazed over when she saw the colourful decor and toys of the place. Heh.

I hope things go smoothly this time. Very much looking forward to pics of 慧 in school uniform from my sis. I'll post them if I do receive any good ones.

87 days to go.


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