Thursday, December 15, 2005


Last week, my mum "took leave" from Thursday to Sunday. She was going on a short trip to Genting Highlands with some relatives. So my sister also had to apply for leave (real one) to look after 慧. 慧, of course had to go home on Wednesday and stay put there until Sunday evening.

By Saturday night, she was starting to wonder how come her parents were not bringing her back to my place. And I suspect, after hearing the full story, that she was also starting to miss my mum's cooking. Anyway, she put up the request

“慧慧要囘ma ma家。”

My sister had to explain to her that ma ma was not in Singapore then and would only be back the next day. Therefore, she would have to wait for the next day to come round before she could be brought back. 慧 took it all in and apparently committed it to memory.

The next morning, the first words she uttered after waking up were again

“慧慧要囘ma ma家。”

A multitude of distractions, fun and games and "gai gai" later, she was finally brought back to my place in the late afternoon. Upon stepping into our flat, she ran to the kitchen to make a dinner order to my mum.

“Ma ma!慧慧要吃"努蛋"。” (translation: "努蛋" = 燸蛋 which is one of her favourite foods)

Like I said, I think she missed my mum's cooking.

106 days to go.


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