Saturday, February 18, 2006

Missing half again

I must have been working really hard again. Either that or I bak jiu tak stamp.

It was only a few days after the
late-night-red-lantern day that I realised I have not seen the one of my housemates, this time the female half, for a couple of days. And also noticed that it had been much quieter in the apartment lately.

I seldom bump into them, even though they are my housemates. Silly it may sound. It's primarily because of the vastly
different waking, working and eating hours that we each operate on.

I finally did manage to ask the male half about her late last week. He told me she had gone home for a fortnight or so (it is STILL the school break now, even though I have been working non-stop since the break began in December).

The few times since that I had seen him around the house, I cannot help but feel how forlorn and lonely he looked. Not only that, I've also noticed how often he had been taking instant noodles for his main meals; the huge carton of instant noodles is already halfway in.

Heh... perhaps that was why there was a late-night-red-lantern day. :P

8/41/71? days to go.


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