Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That's for consultation only?

I just made that much postponed trip to the doctor. My first, and hopefully last, visit to a doctor in my three years' stay in Sydney.

There weren't any clinics open on Sunday, so I could only bear and grin with it for that entire day. Woke up feeling better on Monday and thought maybe I do not need that visit afterall. What had really put me off was the thought of walking 10 minutes to and fro from the school's clinic in my weakened state.

But I had another tough night last night, so the first thing I did this morning was to make an appointment with the clinic (to minimise waiting and hence discomfort time). And of course, the next thing I did was to make that trip down to the airport.

I've just returned from that visit to the doctor. The only surprising thing about it was the fee! All AU$31.45 (roughly S$38) of it. And it just covered the consultation! I would have to get the medication from a pharmacy at extra cost to myself.

What's more, the prescription was, yes, you guessed it, Panadol (it also had Buscopan for my stomach discomfort).

My word, I knew all along about Sydney's high cost of living. But AU$31.45 for a doctor's consultation? A GP's consultation at that?

Fortunately, I have health insurance (mandatory for foreign students here) to cover for this. Stef had informed me on the cab trip back that the consultation cost was covered by our insurance. *Phew*

Still 52 days to go.


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