Sunday, February 19, 2006

Physical education

I was very surprised to hear that they have PE lessons in nursery. They didn't have it during the first month of class. Presumably to let the children get used to the schooling environment first. But these started in earnest in February.

I was told they have PE lessons twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday PE lessons are held indoors whilst those on Fridays are outdoors. And my mum being my curious mum, she just had to spy on the children, especially 慧. So on Fridays, she will make it a point to leave home early and reach the nursery with plenty of time in hand. As the PE lesson takes place in the final hour of the 3 hour class, she will get to see 慧 in action.

The trick or challenge is of course how to keep out of sight from 慧 and the teachers. So far she has succeeded. Amongst the activities described to me was a game where the children were paired up and had to balance a balloon between their tummies whilst walking sideways from one end to the other. THAT, I gotta see.

I think I will take part in the spying too when I am home.

54 days to go.


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