Sunday, March 12, 2006

La Perouse

Yet another good part about having Dan and Stef back are the impromptu field trips we occasionally go on. About a fortnight ago, after a particularly sumptious sushi dinner (newly opened restaurant, so got big discount), we decided upon a trip to La Perouse to see the sunset.

Now, I've been to
La Perouse quite a number of times. It is a little mound of land jutting out into a bay, so you can see water almost all around it. It's quite a picturesque tourist spot. La Perouse is actually the name of a French explorer who was one of the earliest explorers to discover Australia.

Here are a few of the pics we took whilst there:
At the centre of this little hilltop is a watchtower. I thought it looked a lot like the Rook piece in international chess.
Connecting to the outermost part of La Perouse is a tiny island known as Bare Island. It used to be a defence post with cannons and such.
A crow and a seagull on the little hilltop.
And of course, what we had set out to see that evening. The sunset at La Perouse.

33 days to go.


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