Sunday, March 05, 2006

End of moonlighting

Time flies. My second regular reader returns this evening, hopefully still in one serviceable piece.

This also brings to an end my stint as guest blogger. I rather enjoyed it, I must say. The ideas I get whilst writing on her blog are very different from those I get on mine. Hope you guys had enjoyed it too.

Still 40 days to go.


Blogger ChroniclesofChaos said...

Thankie Thankie...

But I am hardly what one would call in a serviceable condition.

Feel free to tatter in and outtav the blog if you will... I am still outtav sorts and in my winter withdrawal stage... might be for a bit longer yet.

Wed Mar 08, 02:18:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

Is this some 圈套 to make me continue blogging after April? :P

Just kidding.

Thanks for the offer. Maybe if inspiration hits me, I will contribute an odd post here and there.

Wed Mar 08, 02:32:00 pm 2006  
Blogger ChroniclesofChaos said...

Puleeez... 圈套?


Just been outtav sorts and not in mood to blog coz there isn't any succinct word I can use to describe how I am feeling.

Wed Mar 08, 02:35:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

I did say I was kidding, my friend.

Wed Mar 08, 02:38:00 pm 2006  
Blogger ChroniclesofChaos said...

ok ha ha then... I think Fedac (Flu med) still has a grip over my logic and sense of reason.

圈套 is what the asst mgr is trying to do to me. Seeing as I'm sick as a dog and still trying to schedule a meeting in at 3.30pm (and late nevertheless!) when he knows I'm bogged down with work and about to go out at 4.30pm.

That is the biggest 圈套 of all... grrrrr :)

Wed Mar 08, 03:37:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

My condolences.

Wed Mar 08, 04:54:00 pm 2006  

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