Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In limbo

So I've gotten my farewell gifts done a long time ago.

So I've more or less packed (I can leave in a day's notice, if I can do so).

So I'm almost home and dry with respect to my work. Just waiting for my boss to finishing reviewing it.

So I've almost completed my preparations for the exam that will fall on 28th March.

It seems like I've built in too big a buffer this time round, resulting in a recent pervasive feeling of being neither here nor there.

It's like driving a car off a cliff at speed, then everything goes slow-mo whilst the opposite cliff slowly comes into view.

It's like seeing a singular pimple on your face and having to stop yourself from squeezing it everytime you see it on a mirror (incidentally, I hardly ever get pimples and I use normal soap only :P).

It's like being a worried husband and father-to-be, pacing a hospital's corridors whilst waiting for news of your Significant Other's well-being and the arrival of the baby.

I hate it when I'm in limbo. And I know you hate it too, Le Tis. Hopefully this month will go quickly enough for both of us.

38 days to go.


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