Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Remembering Gump

Last Friday night, I caught a re-run of Forrest Gump.

I didn't realise it had been so long since I watched this movie. 1994. More than a decade ago.

I had watched Gump with my first ex, at the old and dinky (was so even then, so I suppose it is even more so now) Empress theatre. During my NS. I must have watched many movies with her, but strangely, I can only remember watching Forrest Gump together. It was during the first three months of my BMT and morale was generally low. She was probably the only spark in a very bleak period of time.

As it turned out, both of us entered the same university course (I started two years later, of course) without prior knowledge of what the other had signed up for. Last heard, she is still in the actuarial line. And she has completed the exams and qualified recently. Heartiest congrats, 霞. Hope all is well for you.

OK, back to 1994/5.

I was also reminded of a non-uniformed female officer. I had been posted to another camp as it neared my ROD and got to know her at the new camp. All of us NSFs call her Ms. Tan instead of M'dm because she was non-uniformed. She turned out to be quite a sporting person. On both counts.

There was once when the group of us NSFs were trudging out of camp at the end of the working day. We heard some harried footsteps, turned around and saw Ms. Tan in T-shirt and shorts, running at her best speed whilst lugging some tennis gear and struggling a little to maintain balance.

"Ms. Tan late liao!" someone shouted.

"Yeah!" she replied as she zipped by.

As I watched her receding silhouette, inspiration hit me.

"Run, Forrest, RUN!!!" I yelled.

Spontaneous laughter broke out from everyone. Including those from other offices. Including Ms. Tan herself. She had to slow down to regain her composure, shoot a half disapproving look at me, before taking off full speed again.

I've met quite a few friendly and sporting non-uniformed officers during my NS. Sometimes, I wonder how they are now. Especially Ms. Tan. Earlier this year during my December/January break, I thought I had caught a glimpse of Ms. Tan in the MRT on the opposite platform. But before I could react, the train was gone. I hope all is well for you too, Ms. Tan.

192 days to go.


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