Monday, September 19, 2005

Belated pics

I finally got my hands on those pics taken at the kite festival from the previous weekend.
This is the lawn I mentioned in my previous post. Lots of stalls selling kites and such, and lots of people trying their hand at kite flying. The beach where the professionals are doing their work, is on the right, separated by the car park.
Some of the smaller kites we saw.
At one point, it seemed like it might rain. But it didn't. Blue skies prevailed again. More kites!
One of the really huge kites. I think it is supposed to be a centipede, but looked more like some character from Spirited Away.
Later on, when the camera batteries were its last legs, another biggie kite came up! A fish! No battery to zoom, only time to snap. It's the one in the middle. Similar in size to the centipede.

193 days to go.


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