Sunday, September 18, 2005


Blogging is therapeutic for me.

A single e-mail from last night sent my well-shored defences into disarray. Perhaps I am slightly more vulnerable after the emotions of an exam. Yeah, I know it sounds downright silly, but an actuarial exam is quite an emotional experience for me. Perhaps the chains I had so tightly put in place got loosened a little by the Port I had during yesterday's Mid-Autumn party at Dan and Stef's place. Or perhaps I am just looking for something to put the blame on. It doesn't matter.

My first thoughts after writing out a lengthy reply to her e-mail was to climb into bed and try to sleep away that 澀澀 feeling. And I did. But it didn't work.

So I blog again.

Once I started peppering away at the keyboard, the sand bags started their rebuilding process and new locks for the chains were found.

Blogging is therapeutic for me.

194 days to go


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