Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Favourite" grade

A week and a half after the results were released via the internet, I finally received the official results letter. They used to be much much quicker and I would get the letter on the following Monday, i.e. 4 days after results release.(You can also visit the Institute of Actuaries website. I believe this announcement should be there for a while.)

No, I am not in self-denial, needing a letter to double-confirm the failure. The official results letter contains a grade of your failure (no grades if you pass) which is not released on internet, so there is some vested interest in our waiting for it to come. Although whatever grade it is, we still end up feeling peeved about it. I believe I have mentioned this before.

Anyway, I got my "favourite" grade again, i.e. FA.


107 days to go.


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