Monday, December 19, 2005

"Home" alone

Starting today for the next three weeks, I will be "home" alone. One of housemates 17 and 18 is going back to Hong Kong for the Christmas break lasting three weeks. The other is staying put in Sydney but moving to a pal's place in the meantime. It was a last-minute decision by them.

It's going to be strange being alone in the apartment again.

And it's going to be strange trying to get used to them again three weeks later when I would have gotten used to being alone again.

Awkward sounding sentence. *Shrug*

102 days to go.


Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Time to break out the alcohol and party.

Tue Dec 20, 01:29:00 am 2005  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

Ha ha ha... LMD strikes again.

Tue Dec 20, 07:19:00 am 2005  

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