Saturday, January 28, 2006

Too many books

Signs I am ordering/buying too many books:

i) I have a book order that has been put on hold with the school's bookshop for one year three months now; The order card there said I had made the order in November 2004. I've just checked with the shop's assistant the other day and we were having a chuckle over it. I'd probably have to cancel it if the book doesn't get released within the next two months.

ii) The customer service officer of my favourite local online bookshop, Acmamall, recognises me and knows my private e-mail by heart. She knows what books I like (and therefore buy) and also remembers I am overseas. She only got the country wrong. Gosh.

62 days to go.

P.S. 祝大家除夕夜團圓快樂!


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