Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two items or less

Just came back from a trip to Coles. They have a new plastic bag policy that I didn't notice until today. But of course I haven't noticed, I have my green bag! But I do know about it now.

I was moving along and pulling stuff out from
my green bag for the cashier to scan. The previous customer was still standing at the other end and seemed reluctant to leave. Finally, he couldn't contain himself anymore and asked the cashier in a slightly irritated tone,

"Can I have a carrier bag please?"

The cashier looked up, smiled, was unflustered and explained,

"Sorry, sir. We have a new plastic bag policy," pointing to a sign on her cash register,"we don't issue plastic bags for two items or less now."

The sign said "Help us save the environment! We will no longer be issuing plastic bags for two items or less. Thank you for your understanding."

"Oh..." and he walked off.

For that split second, I had actually wanted to taunt him with my green bag by waving it in front of him. I'm glad I contained myself, or you guys might not have gotten to hear this little tale.

65 green days to go.


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