Saturday, February 04, 2006

Of peaks and troughs, local

Yesterday early afternoon, I submitted my letter of notice. It's like a resignation of sorts. I'm informing the school I'm leaving on 31st March. It is just something administrative that needs to be done eight weeks in advance (school requirement). I had thought for many months I would get a little kick out of doing this. I didn't. I was strangely subdued after it.

Then for the rest of the afternoon, I had a longish meeting with my boss. The publishers had gotten back to us on Wednesday, giving us only 48 hours to proof read the final version and to inform them of any typos we may spot. So both of us spent the whole of Thursday doing that separately and then putting it together in our meeting yesterday afternoon.

Two and a half hours of our three hour meeting was taken up by this. I had thought I would feel little if anything at all when this last act was eventually completed. I was wrong again. I actually felt a little kick at the moment I clicked "Send" on that reply e-mail to the publishers. Actually, so did my boss. We were both grinning ear to ear after that.

55 days to go.


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