Sunday, February 05, 2006

Twisted trousers

慧 has become more independent since attending nursery. She has learnt to ask for permission from the teacher to go to the loo. When that's granted, she will go and settle the deed on her own, unsupervised. At home, we usually will just follow her from behind, to ensure that everything is ok, although we do not interrupt. Except maybe when she's done, to re-adjust her shorts a little.

There was a day after nursery and on the way home when 慧 walked really slowly and somewhat awkwardly. Grandma must've thought 慧 was a wee bit tired and slowed down her own pace to accommodate her. After alighting from the bus, 慧 couldn't stand it anymore.

“Ma Ma, 慧慧的庫裏面有一條綫,癢癢。 ” (direct translation: Grandma, there is a line in my shorts. Itchy itchy.)

So grandma lifts 慧's skirt to check her shorts.

"Ai yoh! Wai gah ahn neh!" (direct translation: Gosh! Her shorts are way off centre!)

54 days to go.


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