Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My birthday "gift"

In a phone call last Christmas, 慧 and I were "discussing" what gift she wanted when I returned to Singapore for good. That seemed simple enough for her. “鴨鴨!” and that was the end of that discussion.

But it wasn't the end of the conversation, for she suddenly turned around and asked me what my favourite animal was. For want of something to say, I blurted out my chinese zodiac sign, i.e. the Rabbit. Then she turned to my mum and asked the same question. Who also played along and replied Pig.

Small sidetrack.
My plan to get her another duck has since been vetoed (behind her back of course). But I have back-up plans and she has already bitten the bait. :P

OK, back to the main story.

I have since forgotten about that phone call. That was until
my birthday.

“慧慧,gu gu打電話囘來。快點來跟gu gu happy birthday。” (Translation: Gu gu is on the phone. Come quickly to wish him a happy birthday.)

Sounds of a chair pushed back (she must be drawing or snipping again) and pattering feet,

“Ggguuu ggguuuuuuu! Happy birthday!!!”

“Ok! Thank you arh, 慧慧!慧慧有沒有買present給gu gu?” (Did you get me a present?)

“有!” (Yes!)

“買甚麽present?” (What did you buy?)

“買Rabbit的present。” (I bought you a Rabbit. But of course, I knew she didn't actually buy me one. She was just saying it off the cuff.)

I was really really surprised she remembered that little nugget of information. This has to be my best ever birthday present.

24 days to go.


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