Sunday, March 19, 2006


慧 has recently mastered the scissors. Not just random snipping, but actually cutting out shapes drawn on paper. (This, I so gotta see when I get back!)

And like any other new toy, she has recently been cutting through a lot of paper with her pair of scissors. Of course, we don't leave her alone when she is at it; Someone is always besides her whilst she is snipping away.

On the first couple of days of her new found skill, she was at it for almost the entire day. Everyday. Until one fine afternoon, she finally put down her scissors and told my mum,

“Ma ma, 我手酸。” (Translation: Grandma, my hands ache.)

Her obsession with snipping has since died down a little.

Last Wednesday evening, my sis had brought printouts of uncoloured pictures of ducks (what else!) for 慧 to colour, cut out and paste onto another piece of paper. 慧 seems to enjoy doing that a lot.

The following day, she wanted to get started on it and told Grandma so. But she had wanted to do it in reverse order, i.e. cutting them out first before colouring. Grandma insisted on otherwise and a mini "cold war" resulted. In the end, 慧 simply refused to touch those duck pictures.

Tsk tsk tsk...

That lasted all the way till Friday night, when my sis came around to pick her up. My sis was naturally quizzed at why those duck pictures were all left untouched. Every single piece of them.


My niece turned around, gave it some thought and replied firmly,


Tsk tsk tsk...

26 days to go.


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