Saturday, March 18, 2006

New recruit

We've found a new recruit for Xbox tennis. And I've found a 徒弟 and 接班人.

He's a new student from Stef's former university. Another of those from the exchange program between the two universities. He has only been here for about a month and the guys are already working hard to "convert" him to our ways. :P

Indeed, he himself had professed to being fearful of his life in Sydney, i.e. dry and boring, until we had rescued him. Heh.

We, actually primarily I, am now in the midst of teaching him the intricacies of Top Spin. I was joking that I can retire my created player in style in a month's time after the new recruit has mastered the game and created his own player.

That's right, you can create your own player in Top Spin (to match your own characteristics). Right down to facial features, body shape, body size and glasses! Then you can train up your player according to your own preferences, picking from the different sets of skills available, within a pre-set quota. Dan, Fred and I have long created and fully-trained our own.

You know, it'll be kindda sad to leave behind my full-trained, fully-customised Top Spin player.

Yeeeeaaaah, right! HA HA HA...

27 days to go.


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