Monday, March 13, 2006

School assignments

Time seems elastic at times, its pace changing according to one's perspective.

Ma ma told me late last week that 慧 will not need to go to the nursery this week.

Huh, but why?

It is the one week school break.

Oh. Already?

Yes, it has been ten weeks since that first day in nursery which got all of us sweating over.

You mean it has been ten weeks already?

Yes. Time "flies", hey?

To mark the end of the semester, 慧's worksheets were returned to us. They were mostly pictures for colouring, with a few of those join-the-appropriate-category-with-a-line type, e.g. honey is to bees as milk is to cows.

These worksheets were actually dated and "marked" by the teacher. Closer examination of them revealed interesting developments in 慧's emotional state and learning. She had always been reasonably good at her colouring, even before attending nursery. When she put her heart into it, she can colour a mean picture.

So we were initially surprised to see her first few colourings in nursery. They were very messy. She didn't bother colouring within the lines. In fact, it was all over the place. A lot of strength was exerted on the colour pencils and this transferred onto the paper. And she tended to doodle other pictures on them, e.g.

They seemed to convey a sense of frustration. At having to attend school. Of being alone, without her loved ones whom she had gotten so used to. Not knowing exactly what to make of the sudden change. Discomfort.

These symptoms slowly but surely subsided. Her recent work were quite impeccable. She (as in 慧) even proudly pointed out to us the three stars her teacher stamped on almost all of her recent worksheets when they were brought home.

When my mum related this story to me, the first "person" I thought of was Mr. Beanie Duck. I guess I understand even more so now the sudden elevation of his status in early January.

32 days to go.


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