Friday, April 14, 2006

I need comforting

I returned to my apartment very late last night, from part one of the farewell festivities. Or should I say very early this morning.

Whilst trying to coax myself to sleep, I realised I still missed my comforter. I've never really gotten used to sleeping without a comforter (it is known as body pillow here). This despite having gone without it for the entire three years I have been here.

And the strange thing is, it is not easy to find a comforter in Sydney (or maybe even Australia). One of my ex-housemates from Singapore, upon hearing this (from other friends, not me), shipped her comforter all the way here!

Then there is this story I heard from her, about one of her guy friends (also Singaporean), who was so desperate for a comforter after arriving here, he went to Paddy's Market and bought one of those girlish 小叮噹 or Hello Kitty mini-comforters.

0 days to go!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you get married, you can hug your wife instead



Fri Apr 14, 11:20:00 am 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

More "if" than "when".

Fri Apr 14, 11:26:00 am 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, leave it to the 3 sisters of Fate then.

Hey, you still around? Packed all your stuff already?



Fri Apr 14, 01:50:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

Yeah, I am still around. The flight is tomorrow, not today.

But I am going out in half an hour. Part 2 of festivities is about to begin.

And that brings to an end the blogging for today. *Grin*

Fri Apr 14, 01:54:00 pm 2006  

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