Thursday, April 13, 2006


On the Saturday just past, we finally went on that much postponed trip to the Sydney Fish Market. And for that lobster lunch. Yah yah... *Slurp*This is one of the entrances to the Sydney Fish Market. Notice how blue the skies was. Clear blue skies is perhaps THE feature of Australian weather and in my opinion, the main attraction of Australia for European, especially British, tourists.
We ended up having more than just the lobster. I saw abalone and eagerly pointed it out to them. Both the lobster and abalone was picked live and cooked immediately. We also got some side dishes to go along with them.

We had (see above pic, clockwise from left) lobster sashimi, calamari rings, small octopus, stir fried lobster (from the same lobster) and abalone with ginger and shallots.

Amongst the four of us, Dan is the biggest fan of seafood. By a country mile, actually. So when I commented that the lobster sashimi tasted a little like agar agar, he said I 不識貨. Actually, Fred also added that he didn't know how to appreciate it properly (his exact words were it tasted bland). For me, it was the 口感 that was nice. But that was about it.

What did it for me was the abalone. Indeed, all of us loved it! When I woke up the next morning and was making breakfast, visions of abalone floated across my eyes as I looked a little forlornly at my bread.

After the hefty lunch, we went to
The Rocks (again! For me, that is) for a walkabout. I had wanted to get two more of those kangeroos for a close friend's children and Stef needed to buy a present for a birthday party.

Then, we went to the
Centennial Park for some er... exercise. Actually, it was just some boomerang throwing and football. Have I mentioned before that I know (more or less) how to throw the boomerang? Dan and I had tried it before last year and we can get it to return to roughly where we stand. Though we still don't dare to catch it, like the aborigine who demonstrated it to us had done. It was Fred's first try at it and we all had a good belly laugh at his attempts. He ended up expending more energy retrieving the boomerang than throwing it.

Dinner time, and we decided to try a newly opened Korean restaurant in a neighbouring suburb. One look down the menu and my eyes froze on "Ginseng Chicken Soup". Now, I haven't had decent soup over here for ages and you guys would know that
I do love my soup. I also ordered a rice dish which the other guys said looked like 八寶飯. Actually, it was more like the stuff they put into ice kachang, but instead, they've put it into plain rice and cooked it together.

When the soup arrived, I was quite taken aback by its size. It was huge! And there was a WHOLE chicken in it. Not only that, I discovered later that the chicken had fillings in it. I honestly wondered how I would be able to finish it AND the 八寶飯. Off came the coat as I got started on it. Then off came my outer shirt as I made some more progress with the soup.

Well, I managed to finish the whole lot. Thank you very much.

After the sumptious dinner, we adjourned to Dan and Stef's apartment for card games. They managed to track down another friend to make up a foursome whilst I watched a movie on DVD. All the way till near midnight.

As we were leaving, that friend they had invited said half in jest, more in taunting,


Because they (Stef and herself) had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in their 3-hour marathon card game.

Actually, it was a pretty apt description to our day too.

Akan Datang: Phone calls no longer required

1 day to go.

P.S. I am not a Stefanie Sun fan. :P


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