Tuesday, December 20, 2005


My niece can be quite a thoughtful and observant child at times. By observing the moods of the adults around her, she knows when to play the pranks and when to be the obedient one. Here's a recent story to illustrate my point.

My mum had been quite tired out early last week. No doubt the trip to Genting Highlands had been fun but also a little energy sapping. One rainy afternoon, she was resting on the sofa and started dozing off. Her head was bent slightly back and resting on the wall against which the sofa was placed.

慧 was entertaining herself when she noticed her ma ma dozing off. So she ran to the room and dragged out ma ma's pillow (it's still a wee bit big and heavy for her). Somehow, she managed to lift the pillow onto the sofa before climbing up herself. Then she pushed the pillow up onto the edge of the sofa next to ma ma's head. She gripped ma ma's hair (ouch!) and half pulled my mum's head forward. At the same time, she thrusted the pillow inwards so that ma ma's head will be resting on it once moved backwards again.

Naturally, my mum was awakened by it. Maybe more like shocked out of slumber. Kudos to her though, for she had the presence of mind not to yell out in pain or anger. She merely looked at my niece quizzedly. So my niece explained

“Ma ma,慧慧拿pillow給妳!”

My mum finally caught onto what was happening but was still a little dazed. She only managed a

“Orh... ok. Thank you 慧慧。”

慧 climbed back down and went back to her toys.

Stories like this make me miss my niece even more...

101 days to go.


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