Thursday, December 22, 2005


Was just reminded that today is 冬至. Well, given that Singapore is just slightly north of the equator, I guess we're still qualified to celebrate it. 冬至 is supposed to be the day in the northern hemisphere where the night is the longest and the day is the shortest. After today, the day will start lengthening again. (Not like it makes a difference in Singapore)

Of course, I am now in Sydney and the opposite is taking place here. The day is really really long now. We can still see some remnants of light as late as 9p.m. as the sun only sets at 8 something.

My elder sister and I used to help mum make those 湯圓s when we were little. She would get the raw materials from the wet market and knead them into a dough. My sis and I would then clamour around the table, break the dough up and roll them into little balls. Pink ones and white ones. As they contained mostly glutton, they can be very filling. One small bowl is usually more than enough for me. Actually, I liked the sweet soup more than the 湯圓s.

We haven't had any for quite a number of years now. I suspect it will start again soon because we can let my niece have some fun with it. Maybe next year yeah?

These days, I get my 湯圓 fix at the hawker centre located along Beach Road. You know, the one which sells Army goods in the floor above. I wonder if it is still there.

Dan and Stef seem to have sensed my apprehension about the impending holiday season. They've invited me to their apartment later this evening for 湯圓. It may be a small gesture on their part, but I'm still quite touched by it.

Still 99 days to go.


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