Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just what I needed for Christmas and New Year

From: Health Services Australia Ltd.
To: Acey Deucey
Re: Chest Clinic Follow-Up

The chest x-ray performed in association with your visa application has revealed an abnormality which may indicate past exposure to tuberculosis (my own bold). In order to complete the public health requirement of your medical examination you will be required to attend your nearest chest clinic for a review.

You will be contacted by your nearest Chest Clinic who will arrange for the appropriate follow-up. Your details have been forwarded to them.

You need take no action regarding this letter.

If you have any questions regarding this follow-up, please discuss this with the Chest Clinic.

Great. What's that (the words in bold) supposed to mean?!

Now, given it is the Christmas and New Year weeks, I'll be lucky if they get back to me in the first week of January. And I'll have to be lucky again if I get an appointment within one week of that. Then I'll have to be thrice lucky to get the results within another week of that. Looks like I'll have to sweat it out for at least a month. Duh.

Because of the high uncertainty and wide spectrum of possibilities, I've decided to keep this to myself for now. My only outlet is via blogging again...

And why do "funny" things happen when we hit 30 (examples 1 and 2)?

99 thumb-twiddling days to go.


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