Saturday, March 25, 2006

I get my little kicks IV

Two of my favourite eateries/restaurants' owners have asked me when I am going home. On consecutive days too. Heh.

The first is a smallish eatery run by a young Hong Kong couple. They have two daughters, around 7 and 8. The eatery is located near a hospital and till today, I find it quite a comical sight to see so many patients, some in wheelchairs, some in drip, making their way into the eatery and ordering food. The food in the hospital must really suck.

I'm such a regular customer, they give me an unmentioned discount everytime I am there. A couple of days ago, I was there again. Out of the blue, the wife asked me,

"So when are you going home?"

Upon which I gave my favourite "less than one month" answer.

The second is a restaurant owned by a Singaporean in his 50s. I only found out he was Singaporean a year after I've been here. When time allows, he would ask me an odd question or two and I the same to him. I had in fact bumped into him at the Sydney airport once, when we were both returning home for the summer break of 2004/2005. We had flashed knowing grins at each other then.

After paying for my order that day, he looked up and asked me,

"So are you going home for the Easter break?"

Upon which I gave my favourite "yes, but I am going home for good this time" answer.

20 days to go.


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