Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Free advertising

For helping me locate a supposedly 絕版 George Lam CD.

For remembering my request, even though it was made more than half a year ago. I had thought you hadn't been able to find it. Either that, or you had clean forgotten. I was wrong on both counts.

For holding onto my CD orders for eight months.

For locating 黃韻玲's 絕版 CD, titled 黃韻玲的黃韻玲, in doublequick time. I'm so looking forward to listening to one of my favourite songs of hers, 出發. It has been buzzing in my mind since you informed me of the good news yesterday.

For informing me ahead of time that Tanya's newest CD will be out in about a month, and that you will retain a Taiwan import copy for me.

For all that and more, over the ten years as a member of your shop, 老闆.

And so, I strongly recommend to my small band of readers:

100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery (Shaw Tower)
Singapore 189702

17 days to go.


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